Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hemlock Grove Is Screaming to Stream!

Years in the writing, months in the producing, and now it's just weeks before Hemlock Grove debuts on Netflix.  April 19, to be exact.  Members of the cast and crew, including yours truly, will be discussing the evolution of the show at an upcoming fan event that will be announced "soon" -- but meanwhile, here's the poster:

Hemlock Grove season 1 poster.jpg

What exactly is Hemlock Grove?  Well, despite the poster image, is it not a 13 episode treatise on the hazards of hand-feeding your pet wolf.  It IS, in fact, a suspenseful thriller about a small Pennsylvania town plagued by multiple murders, and the unlikely friendship that develops between two "opposite sides of the tracks" high school boys investigating the crime(s).  More to come as we close in on the release date.  April 19!  All episodes at once!


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