Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another Week Goes By...

Or is it two?  Developments: the weather is changing in lovely Toronto, cooling off finally after a very warm Summer.  I spent the Fall/Winter in Toronto working on Falling Skies back in 2010 so I am well versed in just how cold it can get, but right now, ahhh.  Nice.

Details are still under wraps, but we're well into filming Hemlock Grove and it's great to see how it's all coming together.  Great cast and crew, and that really fun sense of doing something outside the cookie-cutter.  It's one of those shows where the crew is eager for the next script because they really want to know what's coming next.  That wow-factor is actually pretty rare in my experience, and it's a good feeling when it happens.  Anyhow, "coming soon." 

Gearing up this morning by watching an episode of Hell On Wheels on AMC... this episode featuring BSG and Falling Skies alum Ryan Robbins.  I haven't managed to keep up with this show so I'm a little unclear on who's who.  But I did learn that frontier life was tough, crime doesn't pay and I would not want to be shot and then operated on without anesthetic.  Last night I caught yet another showing of Casino, also on AMC, with some of the best euphemisms ever inserted to replace naughty words.  "You told my friend to stuff himself?  You stuffin' greaseball!"  I'd like to say that the message of Casino is that crime doesn't pay, but actually, for the main characters anyway, it paid pretty well for quite some time.

And now back to it!


Blogger Muldfeld said...

We must've been born at the hip. Or you, me, and my father, anyway....

He insisted on watching "Casino" last night on AMC. During commercial breaks, I insisted on switching to DVD to watch David Simon and Ed Burns' "Generation KIll", which, like all their work, is hard to get into, but which we're now quite enjoying on Episode 3 and now 4. Need the subtitles, though, like all their shows -- whether it's ebonics or institutional lingo, I need help. Heck, just to get all the names on BSG, I used to watch with the subtitles.

And I hate baseball, but he LOVES it. He's always trying to get me to go to a game with him.

And guess what we're watching tonight? "Hell on Wheels"! That was probably Ryan Robbins' best performance on the show.

I'm glad the weather's improving. Heading back to Toronto after nearly 2 months away. I HATE the humidity. The fall's always been short in coninental climate of Quebec and Ontario -- like a month at most. I've read it's gonna be a cold winter...

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