Wednesday, September 26, 2012

40 Worst By 40 Best

The SF Gate lists the 40 worst albums by 40 (usually) great bands/performers.  I'm not super-fan enough to have an opinion on many of these, but pul-ease!  I happen to like REM's "Monster", the Beatles "Yellow Submarine", Springsteen's "Working On A Dream",  Elvis Costello's "Brutal Youth" and Wings "Back To The Egg."  Yes, they were looking for the worst album by great acts, so it's a skewed situation, but Costello's released more forgettable music than "Brutal" and I'd castigate Springsteen's "Lucky Town" before "Working On A Dream."

Or, in other words, it's all just individual taste...


Blogger John Goins said...

'Yellow Submarine' is bad but it's not a 'legit' album. But if you had to choose one, I guess it's the one.

'Back to the Egg' by Wings is A GREAT album!! I hate lists like that.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I *love* "Back to the Egg". I have it on vinyl and I've listened to the whole thing a few times, and I adore "Arrow Through Me".

12:46 PM  
Blogger Halloween Jack said...

I didn't run across any in the list where I said to myself, "No, wait, that's a great album", but that may be due to the fact that about four-fifths of them are from that act/band's phase when most people had stopped listening to them.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Halloween Jack said...

There weren't any albums in the list that caused me to say to myself, "Wait, no, that's a great album", but that's because most of them date from the time in that act/band's history when most people, including me, had stopped listening to them. (I do remember how disappointed and angry I was at The Final Cut--which came out right after The Wall, remember--and how it caused me to snort whenever Roger Waters would do yet another interview post-leaving-the-Floyd and claim that he basically was Pink Floyd.)

12:17 PM  

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