Saturday, July 21, 2012

You Know They're Desperate To Fill Time...

...when CNN brings in actor Stephen Baldwin to weigh in on the Aurora shooting.


Blogger Muldfeld said...

I was thinking something similar. CNN prefaced his appearance with something like, "He's a celebrity who plays lots of villains..." Then they said his name, and I thought, "Stephen Baldwin is a celebrity? He acts in b-movies, doesn't he?"

Normally, I hate it when people make fun of former celebs or people on the cusp, like Mark Hamill. However, in the case of folks like Stephen Baldwin, Kirk Cameron, John Ratzenberg (Cliff from "Cheers"), who thinks Obama's a socialist (Ditto SNL's Victoria Jackson), the guy who acted as the lead in "Coach" (who said he never asked for a handout when he was on welfare and foodstamps), and that nutjob who played the love interest in "Northern Exposure" (who's a rabid Obama-hating Tea Partier), I don't mind at all!

I used to be very pro-American and pro-Clinton and was shocked when Michael Moore first said the violent militarism of US foreign policy (for example, the US bombardment of Serbia) contributed to the Columbine killings in "Bowling for Columbine." I now realize he was right. A lot of this is economic and societal, and we can all be pushed to the edge if we don't have the right people (or social programs) to catch us when we fall. If I had a gun easily accessible in my most angry times, I'd probably use it. This isn't very much to do with violence in Hollywood.

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