Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Suffice to say I've had a busy few weeks, culminating with wrapping up my work on Falling Skies season two (it looks great!) and embarking on a new adventure that shall be announced very soon. Let's see if I can catch up on past events...

I had a great time working with director Adam Kane on episode 209 of Falling Skies season two. Guest stars Terry O'Quinn (from a little show called "Lost"), Matt Frewer (famous for "Max Headroom" and more recently Mr. Spielberg's mini-series "Taken") and Ty Olsson (from Battlestar Galactica) joined our fabulous cast for an episode that takes the 2nd Mass in a new direction -- or does it? You'll find out sometime this Summer! I also enjoyed my weeks in Vancouver B.C., a lovely town...

After wrapping my episode, I sojourned down to Seattle and the Battlestar Galactibash at the EMP Science Center. I joined writers David Weddle and Bradley Thompson, plus composer Bear McCreary and director Michael Nankin to discuss BSG and check out their great exhibit. I had a lot of fun meeting BSG fans (I count myself among them!) and catching up on the latest BSG news.

And now... the soon to be announced "next thing." Onward!


Blogger Muldfeld said...

Terry O'Quinn also did great work on the much-better-than-"Lost", "The X-Files"' Season 2 episode "Aubrey" and "Millennium" as Peter Watts; though only the first season of "Millennium" held to Chris Carter's subtle, original vision of social commentary and realistic, humanized serial killers (not the caricatures of most films), Watts was still very interesting in the Seasons 2 and 3, which the Fox Network dumbed down.

I'd really hope Mr. O'Quinn would use his star power to get FX to make a "Millennium" TV movie in the vein of Season 1 with, of course, Lance Henriksen returning as the amazing Frank Black!

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