Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things I Learned From The Movie "Drive"...

WARNING - minor spoilers ahead.

I really liked Drive -- seriously, it's very well made and exciting and I loved the Euro-silences between the action. I also like movies set in L.A. that take advantage of the less traveled areas. However, as always, I gleaned some valuable information that should be helpful going forward (SECOND WARNING -- minor spoilers ahead) --

Remember that really nasty guy who got mad over an unpaid debt and beat you until you were left permanently handicapped? It's probably not a good idea to get into business with his partner.

Ladies like the strong, silent types.

Those same ladies can react poorly when you stomp someone's head into jelly. But they usually get over it.

It's okay to be a helpful neighbor, but robbery and murder are big BIG favors, way beyond the proverbial "cup of sugar."

Good news, commuters -- there is rarely any traffic on Los Angeles roads and freeways, especially during those critical times when you need to evade police and/or bad guys via a daring high speed car chase.

This is especially true in the vicinity of the Staples Center as a Clippers game ends. (I had no idea attendance was THAT bad!)

When threatened with imminent murder, lingering to pack a (shabby) suitcase in a place where the bad guy can find you probably isn't the best use of your time.

Topless strippers are remarkably composed, even when you're taking a hammer to their boss in the middle of their dressing room.

There's never a laundromat handy when your favorite white leather jacket gets drenched in blood.

Clearly some knife wounds are worse than others.

And finally -- when you threaten someone with certain death and then follow them outside, alone, for further discussion -- buddy, you're just asking for trouble.


Blogger John said...

Come on, like a guy getting beaten with a hammer isn't a common occurrence in strip club dressing rooms. That's the strip club equivalent of casual Friday.

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved this film. I saw it the day of the "Breaking Bad" finale and any fan can tell you we all fear a similar fate for Bryan Cranston's character on that show as well as this film. I always confuse Albert Brooks with the main guy from "Police Academy" films I've not seen since I was 10; I think his name was Steve Guttenburg.

I'm happy Ryan Gosling is getting his due. He also did my favorite film of last year, "Blue Valentine", which is such a different, Oscar-worthy performance.

He's from the city where I went to high school, Cornwall, Ontario, and he has the guts to actually SAY it. I think he moved away shortly after I moved there.

There's not a lot of pride about Cornwall; perpetually losing its younger generation to only mildly nicer cities; nothing to do; terrible stores and mediocre restaurants; a lousy cinema that mostly shows horror films, romantic comedies, and animated kids' films -- so no "Drive" for the only actor to come out of there; and a smell we all thought was from the paper mill, but the mill left for China 10 8 years ago and the smell is still there, especially when it rains. No traffic jams, though, and it's been good to my family by allowing us to move comfortably into the upper middle class for the first time in my life. Still, for Mr. Gosling to admit he's from such a made fun of place says quite a bit about his humility.

8:33 PM  

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