Saturday, October 15, 2011

Off To Watch The Skies Fall...

In a few hours I'll be taking off for Vancouver B.C. and the start of season two production on Falling Skies. Episode #1 was written by yours truly and will be lovingly directed by Mr. Greg Beeman. Episode #2 was written by my Battlestar buddies Bradley Thompson and David Weddle and will also be directed by the self same Mr. Beeman. And so it begins!

Meanwhile, it's been great being back in the writer's room with EP Remi Aubuchon, Brad, David, Joe Weisberg and fresh-faced Falling Skies scribes Bryan Oh and Heather Regnier. The group is hatching all sorts of new bedevilment for the 2nd Mass and the people of Earth. No spoilers, but suffice to say the aliens haven't surrendered to us. Though that WOULD be a different way to start season two!

Oh, and casinos of Vancouver, beware! I may find time to purge you of your looneys and other strange Canadian monies.

More data as it comes available...


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