Saturday, August 01, 2009

Proof There Is A Goodness In This World

Roadhouse is out on Blu-Ray!

Jerry Lee Lewis, "Live In Hamburg" on CD. One of the best live rock shows EVER!

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are still touring!

Russ Heath won a lifetime achievement award at this year's ComicCon (at 85!) and I was able to buy two incredible watercolor comic book cover recreations from the man!

"Little Arrows" by Leapy Lee! (It's a song, he's a singer.)

Crab won-tons at Duke's in Malibu!

Margaritas (straight up, no ice) at El Coyote!

Amoeba Records is only four blocks from the Heroes offices!

Ditto the Arclight Cinemas!

The Battlestar Galactica Season 4 CD by Bear McCreary!

377 days of music on the ol' i-pod!

Dave Brubeck is still touring (at 89)!

Paul McCartney is still touring!

"12 In A Room" by Mark Johnson (it's a CD, he's writes and sings)!

The Daily Show!

Mr. Majestyk with Charles Bronson was on HD-TV!

The new Star Trek movie was good!

A Japanese CD reissue of the Talking Heads "Speaking In Tongues" album complete with the original limited edition (and now tiny!) Robert Rauschenberg graphics!