Saturday, August 22, 2009

Inglourious Basterds

Well, I liked it. After studiously avoiding as much press as possible (and yet still having the ending spoiled at some point), I decided to check a few reviews post-viewing to see what the hoi polloi had to say. Most of the notices were favorable, but a few complained about the movie's lengthy running time and meandering pace.

I guess I'm not part of the "cut every two seconds, please" generation, because I enjoyed the leisurely pacing, especially since in this movie, unlike others I shant mention (*cofDeath Proof*cof) the pacing built to some pretty impressive drama and/or violence.

Others have mentioned the opening sequence, which is an amazing piece of writing and staging and acting considering 9/10ths of it involves a couple of guys sitting at a table. But then you're reading the very exciting thoughts of a guy who has seen My Dinner With Andre at least five times, and could handle another viewing right this minute! What's impressive about Basterds is that there are at least two other sequences just as involving and compelling.

And I have to say, without revealing any plot points, that I love the audaciousness of the storyline. Didn't like the way World War Two played out? Well maybe it's time for a rewrite! Next up for Q.T., the Titanic misses that iceberg and Lincoln ducks!