Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've been checking out the programming on the MGM HD channel recently, intrigued by the eclectic selection. I find myself really enjoying black and white films in high def (Casablanca on Blu-Ray is amazing). I am constantly amazed at the level of detail that was captured on film, but never really savored until now because of the degradation involved in transfers, television broadcast signals, etc. Even movies like Revenge of the Zombies (John Carradine!) or Curse Of The Faceless Man are visual treats. You can see nicks and scratches on the cheap props, the bad make-up, scratches on the vintage cars... just an incredible amount of detail.

MGM HD also has a show called "From The Vaults" that basically cobbles together interviews and "making of's" from DVD releases and voila,, 1/2 hour show. These are fun too, still they distill what can often be many hours of supplemental material into a brief, easily digestible chunk. And the rest of the stuff is still available on the DVDs if one is inclined to dig deeper.

But the fact that Curse Of The Faceless Man is available in high def pleases me no end.