Monday, April 13, 2009

Warner Brothers Archives - DVD On Demand...

I was reading a soundtrack review and discovered that Warner Brothers has started an "archive" division that sells DVDs of some of their older/less popular/less commercial movies "made to order." The titles they're offering run the gamut, from early talkies all the way to films from the 80's. Among others, I ordered "The D.I." starring Jack Webb (and would someone PLEASE release the 1950's Dragnet movie to DVD!), "Rage" with George C. Scott (who better to demonstrate rage than George?) and the unfortunate "Doc Savage" movie from 1975.

The site notes that the titles aren't remastered, but DVDs are burned from the best video masters. I will report on quality when the first batch arrives. Meanwhile, I hope the other studios jump on this bandwagon and offer their own more obscure goodies to the viewing public...,default,sc.html