Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy...

I have a steadily dwindling list of "music I'd love to see released officially on CD," and I just saw it dwindle a bit more with the announcement that the first two Del-Lords albums ("Frontier Days" and "Johnny Comes Marching Home") are being released at long last, with bonus tracks. Their third record, "Based On A True Story," is also being reissued, though it had an abbreviated CD release back in the day. The fine folks at Collector's Choice Music are doing the honors, and evidently lead singer Scott Kempner has a hand in picking the extra tracks.

The Del-Lords were a breath o' fresh air in the late 80's, straight forward rock and roll with great lyrics. It helps that I met Scott Kempner a few times when he worked (and maybe he still does) at the Amoeba Records store in Los Angeles. His more recent solo CDs are also worth the $$. Anyhow, check out the Del-Lords fun at

Now if some enterprising folks would start issuing official CDs of all those Golden Record cartoon albums ("Huckleberry Hound", etc.), the world will settle back on its axis.