Friday, September 19, 2008


The big premiere of the new Heroes "Villains" arc is this Monday, Sept. 22, and it going to be a wild night of Heroes excitement. First, a prelim countdown event show with all sorts of fun extras and teasers, then not one, not one and a half, not one and three quarters, but two entire episodes of "Villains." Some amazing revelations and surprises are in store, along with a mind-bender or two (that Petrelli family, sheesh!).

I arrived on staff in time to watch the final episode of the "Villians" story arc come together, and I gotta say, this "pod" has enormous set-ups and equally enormous pay-offs. It's a good one, folks, so mark that time down -- Monday night, Sept. 22, starting at 8:00, on NBC! It'll be a mega-Hero-thon-o-rama!