Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where'd He Go?!

One of my longest blogging gaps in a year or so... wow. Time flies when you're working 24/7. Anyhow, it's been a hectic but exciting week, lots of interesting stuff coming down, as well as my on-going adventure with the script for ARK. Some of this excitement has actually landed but since it hasn't been officially announced (though I'm not sure anyone outside my immediate family and those involved really give a hoot) I'm going to be Mr. Reticent for now. But I like it, and I think that's what counts.

I've also been tossing a bunch of new and really fun books on the reading stack. Dark Horse is reprinting the Warren Creepy series in fancy hardcover, which garners a "about time!" and hearty cheer from yours truly. I've probably had all the original issues at one point or another, but it's great to see this lovely art (and pretty good stories, especially by Archie Goodwin) back in print. Vol. 1 features the last narrative comic story by Frank Frazetta, and it's absolutely gorgeous. But the work by Reed Crandall and others is equally deserving.

Speaking of Mr. Frazetta, there's also a new swank full color hardcover collecting a bunch of his earlier funny book work. Some of it is a tad primitive, but all of it is interesting and some is exquisite. Assigning Frank Frazetta to illustrate a half-assed romance story is a little like asking Picasso to re-upholster your furniture, but it's still great to look at!