Sunday, July 27, 2008

San Diego Con Report - Day Four!

What happened to reports for days 2 and 3? Well, I was having so much fun I couldn't get back to the computer. Here's a quick rundown of some panel highlights:

DARK HORSE PANEL: We showed some clips of MY NAME IS BRUCE to a packed and wildly appreciative crowd, followed by an appearance by Mr. Campbell himself. Who proceeded to deliver a riotous series of bon mots in response to audience questions, and even gave an especially vociferous fan $2.00 for a high compliment. I sat mutely on stage and watched the master at work. I think the only real way to describe the event is... "groovy."

Dark Horse had the BRUCE trailer on a continuous loop down at their booth, and since BRUCE was shot in high-def, it looks friggin' amazing! Prints are currently being struck and Bruce himself intends to tour 20 to 30 cities this Fall, so keep your eyes peeled for MY NAME IS BRUCE at a theater near you! (Assuming, as Bruce said, you live near a major metropolitan area!)

BATTLESTAR PANEL: Jam packed as usual with literally thousands of enthusiastic fans. Kevin Smith was a funny and blisteringly profane toast-master who elicited a lot of good stuff from the assembled cast. Plus there was a trailer with some new scenes from the next bunch of shows (with a lot of material from the episode I wrote, he notes proudly). It's always amazing to feel the intensity of the crowd at these events.

SMALLVILLE PANEL: My old pals Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson, Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer have gone and taken the reins of the show, so I was there in a front row seat (well, they snuck me in) and had a great time watching clips of the old and the new and seeing the cast. Alison Mack is cute and funny as ever. Always liked that Chloe. And the best Q & A session of the show!

THE REST OF THE CON: It's insanely busy/crowded and the hotels are getting prohibitively expensive, but it's still fun. I found some old funny books, bumped into a lot of old friends, enjoyed some nice dinners and just generally had a good time until I was too tired to keep having a good time. (In the old days I would have kept going until I hit terminal exhaustion, but I guess experience and good sense trumped idiocy this year.) Bottom line? See ya next year...