Thursday, May 08, 2008

My Name Is Bruce - Finally?

The days-in-the-shooting, years-in-the-releasing comedy epic MY NAME IS BRUCE finally has some honest to goodness release dates, at least for now! (How's that for caveat'ing?) Theatrical release is currently scheduled for October 2008 (Halloween! Spooky!), followed by a glorious DVD release in Jan. 2009.

And even though rumor suggested this was going to happen LAST year, I even posted about it, BRUCE is actually screening this year at Cannes. (No, not in competition. Wise guy.) This time I even saw a screening schedule. Honest. So if you're in Cannes and have a couple hours to kill... well, if I were in Cannes, the last thing I'd be doing is sitting in a movie theater, but maybe that's just me...