Monday, May 19, 2008


Things have gotten a little hectic the last couple of weeks, hence the diminished posting and lateness of my weekly ComicMix gab fest. Besides some personal business and my ongoing BSG chores (today I attended the final mix for the episode airing three weeks from now, "The Hub," which is amazing), as the indicia to the right suggests I'm also writing a feature for Sony Pictures called ARK. This is based on an original comic-book story I created/wrote a few years ago, with some significant alterations, but suffice to say it's a large scope science fiction story that has been a lot of fun to develop. I'm working with producers Neal Moritz (of I AM LEGEND) and Mike Richardson (Dark Horse chief and producer of the upcoming HELLBOY 2) and should be reporting more on this project as it moves along.

Meanwhile, there may be more to report on other fronts in the next few weeks. For now, I'll just say, life can be really interesting... oh, and my other mantra, "it's good to be busy!"