Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Law and more Order!

After posting yesterday about LAW AND ORDER's occasion flirtation with character arc type stories, I was moved to do actual research (i.e., I went to a couple sites that do episode breakdowns) and discovered that the show tried to break the strict "only business" mold a couple of times. The biggest change of pace episode was the season ender where Jill Hennessy's character Clair (SPOILER ALERT for a fifteen year old show!) was surprise killed in a car accident. According to one website, none of the personal stories left open at the end of that season were actually continued into the next year. Restart button, ahoy!

It's still a great show. According to what I just read on AOL's news blurb (where I get 90% of my news these days, *sob*), L & O is coming back in midseason on NBC with new cast and stuff. I'll be there!

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