Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Law And Order

Not the concept, the television show. I'm a long time fan and love catching up with an episode (or two or three) on TNT. It's especially interesting to find an episode from the season (1998-ish, I believe) where they tried to run "personal stories" along with the procedural stuff. Because the shows get so WEIRD. It's like LAW AND ORDER from another universe, with Briscoe worried about his kid's drug habit, Benjamin Bratt's family troubles, etc., etc.

The strange thing is, I love personal stories. It's what makes BSG such a joy to write and develop. But the framework of L & O just isn't designed to carry the weight of "my ex is taking my son." There's barely enough time to do the "Law" and the "Order," let alone the extraneous runners.

On the other hand, I applaud the folks on the show for giving it a shot. Sometimes (to quote another fine program) you gotta roll the hard six. But as all gamblers know, sometimes you lose. Extra kudos to those responsible for backing off when it was clear the classic version worked best.

I understand changes are coming to next season's LAW AND ORDER... good for them, I'll check it out! But classic is classic is classic...

That is all...


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