Saturday, May 09, 2015

Catching Up!

Okay, so it's been three months since my last blog post.  I've been busy!  I did this show called Constantine that was unfortunately and unfairly just cancelled by NBC, I wrote a pilot for another network that came "this close" (Maxwell Smart voice, and if THAT doesn't date me, nothing will), and embarked on various other adventures that will remain clandestine for the time being...

When I'm not attached to the computer, I'm, well, attached to other viewing platforms.  Movies, TV, audio, my senses are being attacked on a daily basis.  There is so much out there of interest and so little time... you don't really need my review of the new Avengers movie, but here are a few slightly more obscure objects of art that have piqued my interest.

First up, the latest and greatest from the inimitable Steve Ditko, co-creator of Amazing Spider-Man and a host of other characters. At 80-something, Ditko continues to produce a book every three or four months, financing his efforts through a series of Kickstarter campaigns.  I am proud to say I've contributed to (I think) every one, and just as proudly have the entire S. Ditko collection on my own personal comics rack.  I would try to describe the stories, but really, you have to see these to really get the vibe. The comics don't really tell you how to order, but an e-mail to Ditko's partner/publisher Robin Snyder at will probably get you the information you desire. Buy, enjoy, savor...

Next, from writer Ken Sharp... Power Pop Heroes Vol 2 is a 800 page (!) wealth of interviews with some of the Kings of Power Pop, ranging from members of Cheap Trick to the Rubinoos to the Ramones to the Bay City Rollers.  And yes, you read that right... this is volume two, with volume three coming soon.  I've always loved power pop and even if you don't, there is a lot of interesting ephemera about the music business, band longevity (The Rubinoos have been together 40 years?!) and just basic survival skills.  Go here for the details --, then check in with Bruce at to get the upload on all the insane stuff he's got coming out this year.  Then get a second job, you're going to need it!

Also from Bruce at popgeekheaven, an announcement that made me sad and caused me to part with a few more bux.  Michael Carpenter is an exquisite singer/songwriter who has decided to move away from recording, but not before knocking out one more double album of power pop greatness. Check out his financing site and give a power-pop brother a hand... 

MICHAEL CARPENTER ANNOUNCES HIS RETIREMENT FROM MAKING SOLO RECORDS TO CONCENTRATE ON PRODUCING.   I can't think of a solo artists I've known and worked with over my 25 years of power pop who I think more highly of than Michael Carpenter.   His first four solo albums appeared on Not Lame Recordings, as well as one other side-project(The Supahip) and over the last 17 years, he's released a large body of consistently excellent albums - must be close to 20.   Now, he announces this last solo album(a double album) and YOU CAN HELP MAKE IT HAPPEN and show your support.   

Check out all the details:


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