Sunday, June 23, 2013

So Many Demos, So Little Time!

I'm back!  With reviews!

PETE HAM/Keyhole Street: Demos 1966-67:
A great 2 CD compilation of unreleased demos by Pete Ham, the tragic lead singer who went from The Iveys to the amazing Badfinger.  (AKA the guys who gave us "No Matter What" and "Without You.") Given there are already two CDs of Ham demo-type stuff available, it's impressive that there's still so much left to be unleashed. This project was created and crowd-funded by Ham's son, and it's a classy package. Dozens of demos (mostly Ham on guitar, over-dubbing his own vocals), in excellent quality.  Ham was a power-poppy guy from the very start, and so unlike some demo compilations, these are very fun and listenable.  The crowd-funding part of the project is over, but you can still buy the CD set by going to .

DEL-LORDS/Right For Jerry Vol. 1 and Vol. 2:
The fantastic Del-Lords have come back with a vengeance, first with a new album ("Elvis Club" -- buy it!), and now for super-fans this two CD set of demos from their earlier era.  Some of the tracks appeared on their studio albums, some not, but either way you get two new albums of prime Del-Lords.  Check out some sample tracks and order from


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