Monday, February 18, 2013

Human Nature

I will fully admit to reading the occasionally human interest/gossip piece online.  There sure are a lot of celebrities/politicians/etc. doing a lot of interesting/odd/scandalous stuff. But it's the reader comments that always bring me up short.  Today, to pick a piece at random, there was a story about actress Maya Rudolph being pregnant with her fourth child. That was it... married actress is having another kid. Seems innocuous enough, until you get to the comments. For instance this (of course anonymous) gem, among the first few:

"Another worthless HuffPost piece. No one cares that Maya can't keep her legs crossed."

Can't keep her legs crossed?  Are we now at a place where married sex that leads to pregnancy is considered "dirty?"  If all women "kept their legs crossed" there would be no human race, though (silver lining!) there would also be no bizarre internet trolls posting pointlessly ugly comments about something that's actually kind of sweet.  But the hits just keep on coming...

"What did Maya's left leg say to her right leg? Nothing! They've never met!" 

"Is this one of those Hollywood freaks that supports abortion? I wonder if she believes her fetus is alive yet?" 

"Ugly people have ugly kids... won't someone stop Maya Rudolph from reproducing? She looks like someone took a dump on her face"
Remember, all this for a nothing news blip about an (sorry, commenter #4!) attractive actress getting pregnant for the fourth time with her husband.  No scandal, just someone havin' babies.  

I draw few conclusions from this anecdotal exploration.  Except that the human race can be a sad, sorry bunch sometimes...


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