Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hemlock Grove Is Coming Your Way! April 19, 2013!

The cat is out of the bag, the secret is out, the mystery is revealed -- at least some of it!  My latest project "Hemlock Grove" was formally announced 1/9/13.  The second original series for the fine folks at Netflix (the first being "House of Cards", which you should also watch!), Hemlock Grove will be revved up and ready on Netflix 4/19.  That's right, all thirteen episodes at once.  Binge watch, gorge, gobble, or slowly savor... it's up to you.

Just to tee it up, Hemlock Grove, based on the fine novel by Brian McGreevy, tells a mysterious tale of two families intersecting in a fading steel town.  When a series of grisly murders begin, it lands on two very different sons from these families to uncover the killer.  But there are many twists and turns and bizarre goings-on to deal with along the way...

Read the article below for more details.  And get ready for something really different...


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