Saturday, October 20, 2012

Head, Consider Yourself Scratched

I am not an advertising executive nor do I proclaim any special insight into the collective mind of the American/Canadian consumer, but I don't understand how an ad featuring a bunch of 15th Century warrior goths running an amusement park ("Whack A Goth!") translates into someone seeking out a specific company's credit card.  In fact, I would be less likely to get that card, just as I would be less likely to buy auto insurance from a company that spends more time producing amusing anecdotes involving a cartoon gecko than explaining why their insurance is better than company #2...

But that's just me...


Blogger John Goins said...

Twant you to remember them, i guess. Having funny, crazy characters gets your attention. And they want it to make something dull (car insurance, credit cards) seem like FUN. Same reason that live audiences on shows like 'The Talk' go wild when the host says, 'When we come back, tips on what foods are good for your skin.'

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