Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On A Lovely Tuesday A.M.

I really do intend to update this blog more than once every two weeks, but sometimes time just runs away... this Memorial Day weekend was punctuated (punctured? Deflated?) by a hard drive failure and all the resulting tumult trying to get my work life back into order.  Past HD failures have driven me to an almost obsessive system of redundant backups, so I didn't lose anything vital, but it's still a complication and a headache and all that annoying stuff.  Computers have certainly made writing and research infinitely easier, but when they break down, it's like there's a conspiracy to make me insane...

I haven't talked much about Hemlock Grove recently, but work continues at a feverish pace on this very cool 13 episode horror project for Netflix.  We're busy writing scripts, finding locations, finishing casting, bringing in directors, designing creatures... the usual panoply of production "stuff."  And my previous show, Falling Skies, returns June 17th with an two-parter, part one written by yours truly and part two written by my pals David Weddle and Bradley Thompson.  It'll fun to finally see season two on the air! 


Blogger Muldfeld said...

I've had 2 hard drive crashes myself. Luckily, both times I saved the vital stuff, but the hard thing is getting my apple computers fixed. The first time was during a final term paper in 2004. The second was in late 2010 and it took 6 months for Best Buy's crappy licensed repair man to admit (after constantly handing it back to me promising "it should work now!") he couldn't fix it and me making a massive fuss with Best Buy to replace my computer. It's pretty awful. My sympathies.

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