Thursday, May 12, 2011

Emergency Elvis Costello Alert

Caught Elvis Costello's "spinning songbook" show at the Wiltern Theater last night, one of the best nights of concert fun since the LAST time I saw him do the spinning songbook, way back in 1986 (!). Go-go-dancer, check, audience participation, check, the Imposters playing full tilt, check check check. To paraphrase Stephen Colbert, "great show, or greatest show ever?" I've probably seen EC twenty-five times and this one certainly rises very close to the top.

Even better, Costello was in amazing voice... he did a version of the lovely "All Grown Up" that sent a shiver up this old spine.

Tour is making its way around the country "as I type", so if you have any interest in Costello's music, this is a can't-miss show!