Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Greetings From More Toronto

After a brief sojourn to San Diego to discuss our new show Falling Skies, I'm back in lovely Toronto as shooting continues at a lightning pace. Last night involved multiple pyrotechnics and a cast of many, with director Greg Beeman ably choreographing the mayhem. But when stuff isn't getting blowed-up real good, we're doing some wonderful character work, courtesy of our great cast. In other words, so far so good!

I did want to clear up one misconception that arose from a comment I made during our San Diego panel. As much as I love Bruce Springsteen, my reference to him as a survivor of our alien attack was what we in the entertainment business call "a joke." There are no Bruce cameos planned, sadly, though I still contend he'd kick alien ass in the event of a real invasion...