Thursday, September 03, 2009

Proof Of Goodness In The World - #3

The Twin Peaks two hour pilot has been playing on a high def channel and it's as cool as I remember.

Criterion just released a new 2 DVD edition of My Dinner With Andre, with a second disc of commentary. It's still in the wrapper so I can't comment on the transfer or the extras, but I'm still excited. Andre is one of my favorite movies!

Cheap Trick has released a live CD of the band doing the entire Sgt. Pepper album, Cheap Trick style. Me like.

The Bottle Rockets, "Lean Forward." It's a CD, produced by Eric Ambel, and it's darn good in that roots rock/kick ass way.

Glenn Beck is still losing sponsors!

Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield (creepy music from The Exorcist), 2009 remaster/remix, with the original mix included on a second CD.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are still touring!

Under The Covers 2 by Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs. Very cool covers of various 70's-ish songs by two very good singer-songwriters.

The Norton Records company. They put out such amazing stuff, from Hasil Atkins to a 3 CD Benny Joy (!) collection. Buy things from them so they keep releasing stuff --

Not Lame music finds the greatest power-pop music in the world! Support them!!

Guy Ritchie's Snatch (hmm, that doesn't sound right!) is coming out on Blu-Ray Dec. 1!

Star Trek Season 2 (the Shatner original, for Christ's sake!) on Blu-Ray is coming soon!

Heroes Season Three Blu-Ray is out now!

And finally, there's a 3 day weekend!!