Sunday, April 27, 2008

Battlestar Related Stuff...

I've sent my latest batch of answers off to, this week regarding the fine episode "Escape Velocity", so that should go up on their site sometime Monday. Meanwhile, this week's episode, "The Road Less Traveled", was written by yours truly, so if you have any questions that just DEMAND answers after you see it, I'm your guy. You can check out the trailer over at Galactica Sitrep (see right for the url) or, I think, on Sci-Fi site. Curious about Kara and her much ballyhooed "destiny?" Then the next two episodes are for you.

Meanwhile, production continues on the final five... episodes, that is. And that's about all I can say about that. Though I can promise (yes, scout's honor) that there are still many BSG thrills and spills to come. As to when they'll come, that's in the trusted hands of the Sci-Fi channel folks. So that's one question you might as well not ask me.