Saturday, December 30, 2006

Battlestar + Superman/Batman + Fletcher Hanks!

Fans of Battlestar might want to check out the current issue of WIZARD (#184), which features an interview with yours truly on the rest of BSG season three (sorry, no real spoilers). Big doings are in store for the ragtag fleet, and as Ron Moore and David Eick have warned in other interviews, there are some significant "difficulties" in store for some major cast members. REMEMBER, the show returns SUNDAY JANUARY 21st, at 10:00PM. New time! New day! New shows!

There's also a blurb on the rest of my first Superman/Batman arc... issue #31 shipped this week but evidently missed big chunks of the West Coast because of the snows in Denver. We're getting toward the end of the six issue epic, so you can still buy in and enjoy the excitement.

However, this issue of Wizard offers an incredible three-fer of goodness, because there's also a two page, full-color piece on the incredible Fletcher Hanks, a 1940's comic book artist currently being touted as the "Ed Wood" of comics. I don't know about that, but as a fanatic who has managed to track down every single Hanks story in original comic book form (and remember, this guy stopped producing stories in 1941, so it wasn't easy OR cheap!), I'm just thrilled to see him finally get his due. As mentioned earlier on this blog, Fantagraphics is releasing a book of "best" Hanks stories in May of '07, and you will NOT want to miss this.


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