Thursday, November 16, 2006

Forget JAMES BOND. Watch BATTLESTAR 11-17!

I've been in Canada this week, sending the big season finale of Battlestar season three off into production, but nothing will prevent me from asking/demanding/INSISTING that you watch this week's new episode of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. In "Hero", we meet a new character, learn what was what with Adama before the Cylon attack on the colonies, and discover that for every action, there is often a re-action...

That's HERO, not HEROES (you're already watching that show!). Check it out!


Blogger Deckle said...

What do you think of the direction that Smallville is going in right now Mark? Do you still keep up with the show after your departure?

Galactica gets better and better every season. I don't know how you will top season 3. Cast Bruce Campbell in Season 4.

10:31 PM  

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