Thursday, August 31, 2006

Doiby Dickles - Sidekick From Hell

What the hell was the deal with this guy? I eBayed a nice copy of GREEN LANTERN #13 (Fall 1944) hoping to read some exciting Alan Scott adventures, but instead I was "treated" to multiple stories essentially starring "Doiby Dickles", with GL playing HIS sidekick. I realize the Dead End Kids were popular film characters back then, but were comic book audiences really clamoring to see this simpering, Brooklyn-ese spouting dimwit MORE than Green Lantern?

Somebody's probably already done Mr. Dickles in, but if not, I'm half tempted to bring the guy back in an issue of SUPERMAN/BATMAN so I can drop an anvil on his head. (Or better yet, let golden age Green Lantern Alan Scott do it for me.) Dat'd teech da bum.


Blogger Shamus said...

Actually Doiby married a beautiful Queen and became King of the planet Myrg. "Only in comic books".

7:20 PM  

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