Saturday, June 14, 2008

Battlestar Galactica - What's Next

I couldn't resist poking around the internets a little in the aftermath of last night's mid-season finale episode, "Revelations," to see what there was see. Happily, most folks seem pleased with the episode, and that's gratifying. A few were wondering, hey, how can they top that? Where can the rag-tag fleet go from there?

Well, suffice to say there are at least 11 hours in the hopper that take us "from there," and the next/last round of episodes are, if anything, even more intense and personal than what's come before. All bets are off, nothing's out of bounds, and nobody (I mean nobody) is safe. I realize I'm being impossibly vague, but I think everyone involved with the show hopes that the mysteries and, yes, revelations to come will remain gloriously unspoiled until the next batch airs.

As to when they're going to run, that's the million dollar question, and I have the 50 cent answer: I just don't know. That remains up to the folks at the Sci-Fi Channel. I will say that since we're not even done shooting yet, the simple realities of post-production dictate it's gonna be awhile...